Web for Alumni

Banner® Advancement Self-Service provides the following features via the Web:
Alumni and friends can communicate with your institution and with each other.
Users can maintain and search for career advisor commitments.
Users can review and maintain employment opportunity postings.
Users can view giving history and make pledges and donations.
Users can update contact information and view ways to volunteer to help your institution.

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A user can access the Web for Alumni portal as follows:

1. Select the Alumni & Friends Area link on the home page.
2. Enter a User ID. The ID must be a valid Banner ID.
3. Enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is a 6 digit number. 
4. Select the Login button. If the ID and PIN are valid and the user is eligible to access the self-service functions, the system displays the main menu.

If the user logs in to the system and has not previously provided PIN hint questions and responses, he or she is asked to supply them. These values are used to verify the person’s identity and allow the person to log in to the self-service products if he or she forgets the current PIN.

The security questions and answers can be changed at any time. The Change Security Question page appears on the Personal Information menu. This page can also be accessed directly from the Change PIN page.

A user who forgets his/her PIN can select the Forgot PIN? button on the login page. The Security Answer page then provides the user’s hint questions. Once the questions are answered correctly, the user can enter a new PIN.

If the user is a first-time user, he or she can click “First Time User Account Creation”.  

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