Dean’s Community Ambassadors and Advisory Board

The Dean’s Community Ambassadors and Advisory Board will assist the College of Business in meeting its mission, vision, and strategic goals and objectives by creating the College-to-Community connections which will contribute to College’s engagement in economic and social advancement.

The COB-CAAB will (1) advise the Dean of the College of Business on how the College can make an increasingly greater impact on its stakeholders and the community consistent with its mission; (2) promote the College, its programs, and its Centers to the College’s constituents (students, faculty, administration, alumni, area business, and the community at large; and (3) enhance the working relationship between the College and its constituents by providing feedback and soliciting support, financial resources, and partnerships necessary to meet mutual College and constituent needs.  (Click here to see the Bylaws of the COB-CBBA).


SheliaShelia Hardwell Byrd (Bio)
Director of Communications
City of Jackson Mayor's Office







Jessica Catchings, Esq. (Bio)
Staff Attorney
Mississippi Center for Justice 








Cathy Northington (Bio)
Vice President of Programs & Administration
Mississippi Economic Council







Cynthia Buchanan Watkins (Bio)
Executive Vice President
Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership (GJCP)