Goals and Objectives

The College of Business at Jackson State University provides:

  • Intellectual and professional development for students enrolled in its instructional programs
  • New and useful knowledge through academic and applied research.
  • Effective application of knowledge in business and economics through service activities.

The educational programs provide students with knowledge that gives them the skills and competencies required to pursue business careers and/or graduate studies.

The student who graduates from the College of Business should:

  • Be able to master the technical complexities of his/her chosen career.
  • Have the ability to reason and independently make decisions.
  • Possess good written and oral communication skills.
  • Possess good computer skills.
  • Have an appreciation for the human condition.
  • Have an inclusive perspective on society and its progress.
  • Understand the global/international dimensions of the economy and business.


The Career Services Office coordinates the external relations of the College of Business. The office assists students in: preparing to achieve their career objectives; pursuing advanced studies in business, and; securing internships and career opportunities. Through this office, corporations, businesses, and government agencies participate in classroom, recruitment, and extracurricular activities. We organize activities through which business alumni may contribute to the improvement of the College and assists in the coordination of quality learning opportunities in a variety of business subjects (i.e., real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, management, and marketing) for the urban community. Students who participate in experiential learning are considered full-time students during their assigned co-op or internship.

The College conducts research on business and economic subjects and provides services to businesses, government, and other organizations involved in business and economics.  Research and service are supported by the Center for Business Development and Economic Research. The Center coordinates funded research and service grants/contracts as well as the college’s “Business and Economic Review” publications. We also provide research monographs and reports and publications to the business community.  We manage the Small Business Development Center that delivers training and community services to small or disadvantaged business enterprises. Many students participate in the programs offered through the Center.