Course Descriptions – Finance

FIN 317 (3) Principles of Insurance. Prerequisite: Junior Classification.  This course covers the theory of insurance and risks shifting, and current insurance practices. We also examine personal and business insurance coverage, and the significance of various insurance related contract clauses. (F, S)

FIN 320 (3) Business Finance. Prerequisite: ACC 212. This course acquaints students with business organizational forms, financial statement analysis and capital budgeting, time value of money, international finance and ethics. (F, S, Sum)

FIN 443 (3) Financial Management. Prerequisite:  FIN 320.  This course is a study of capital budgeting, risk analysis and valuation, cost of capital, leasing, reorganization, capital structure, and dividend policy. (F, S)

FIN 446 (3) Commercial Banking. Prerequisites: FIN 320.  This course considers the theory of commercial banking affect on the money supply and national income. Emphasis is placed on the concept of asset management, the relationship of asset management to liquidity and profitability, and commercial banking and the nation’s credit structure. (F, S)

FIN 447W (3) Investments. Prerequisite: FIN 320. This course covers alternative investment analysis, securities markets, valuation of securities, capital market theory, and aggregate stock market analysis. (F, S)

FIN 450 (3) Financial Institutions. Prerequisite: FIN 320. This course is a study of financial institutions and markets. Students will be exposed to historical factors that led to the development of major financial institutions and the impact of legislation on financial institutions. The importance of intermediation will be stressed along with the theory of interest rates and regulatory issues. (F, S)

FIN 451 (3) Portfolio Management. Prerequisite: FIN 447.  This course is a study of the theory underlying the management of portfolios consisting of securities and other assets, the measurement of risk and return, utility analysis, the construction of portfolios and the evaluation of portfolio performance, international diversification and the legal and ethical responsibilities of financial planners. (F, S)


FIN 452 (3) International Finance. Prerequisite: FIN 320.  This course considers financial decision making involving the transfer of funds across national boundaries. A multi-dimensional approach is used in examining terms of trade, the international monetary system, foreign exchange markets, international financial markets and portfolio diversification, import and export financing, theory of comparative advantage, and global issues. (F)