Course Descriptions – General Business

GB 201 (3) Introduction to the Legal Aspects of Business. This course provides an overview of the legal foundations of American society, and its court system.  Emphasis is placed on examining the application of laws to the business community, the legal structure and operation of business organizations, and the affect of government regulations on business activity.  Business ethics is also covered. (F, S, Sum)

GB 302 (3) Business Law. Prerequisite: GB 201: This course provides an in-depth review of contract law, the Uniform Commercial Code (Articles 2, 3, 4 and 9), sales contracts, negotiable instruments, bank/customer relations, and electronic funds transfers. We also review individual and business organizations bankruptcy relief. (F, S, Sum)

GB 318 (3) Principles of Real Estate. This course surveys the rights and duties involved with real property ownership. The class is divided into three components: fundamental concepts of property rights and the law; principles of real estate and business practices involved in real estate transactions and finance; and third the professional duties and responsibilities of the real estate brokerage profession. (F, S)

GB 350 (3) Real Estate Sales. The course covers the theoretical and practical guidelines in selling real estate through advertising, personal contact and sales techniques. A combination of theory and practical applications are used to enhance the student’s ability to successfully compete in real estate sales without a long period of on-the-job training. (D)

GB 418 (3) Introduction to Commercial/Industrial Real Estate. Prerequisite: FIN 318. This course is designed to acquaint the student with all types of commercial and industrial real estate from raw, undeveloped land to multi-story office buildings. The effect of zoning and other regulations, utilities, location and function are analyzed along with design and aesthetic qualities. (D)

GB 440 (3) Business Research. Prerequisite: ECO 359. This course considers research design and methodologies applicable to business problems.  The class also focuses on the analytical and mathematical foundation to methodologies covered.  Use of statistical software is required. (D)

GB 448 (3) The Influence of Government on Business. Prerequisite: GB 201: This course focuses the relationship between the governmental sector and non-governmental sectors of the economy. Topics covered typically pertain to the legal environment, legislation, and/or regulations governing business organizations. (D)

GB 453 (3) Real Estate Appraisal. This course examines the nature of real property value and the functions and methods of estimating value with emphasis on residential market value, and covers the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices. (D)

GB 455 (3) Real Estate Property Management. This course involves practical training for real estate salespersons, brokers and others in the management of income-producing real property in organizations, leases, contracts, merchandising, tenant selection, relations with owners and tenants, collections maintenance, accounting ethics, and legal and professional relationships. (D)

GB 456 (3) Real Estate Brokerage Management. This course covers the organizing, planning, and running of a real estate office (sales) and is designed for the person who wants to open his/her own office or become a real estate sales manager. Human relationships and organizational theory are involved with motivational techniques. (D)

GB 457 (3) Real Estate Law. This course studies the principle of law governing real estate including acquisitions, encumbrances, transfer rights and obligations of parties and state and federal regulations thereof. (D)

GB 458 (3) Real Estate Financing. This course is a study of the institutions involved in real estate financing; and the procedures and techniques requisite to the analysis of risks involved in financing real estate transactions, and an examination of instruments and terminology used in financing and taxing real property. (D)

GB 459 (3) Real Estate Investment Analysis. This course covers the financial measures of return used to average income-producing real estate including cash-on-cash return, total return on equity, gross rent multipliers and internal rate of return. Theories of depreciation and real estate taxation are studied so that the total investment analysis process is covered. (D)

GB 460 (3) Co-op/Independent Study. Prerequisite:  Junior standing and the permission of the instructor.  This course is designed for the student who desires work experience to relate to his/her conceptual background in business theories or for the student who wishes to research a topic that is not currently being offered in the curriculum. (D)

GB 461 (3) Co-op/Independent Study.  Prerequisite:  GB 460 and senior standing or the permission of the instructor.  This course is a follow-up to GB 460 for the student who desires additional work experience or for the student who wishes to research a second topic that is not currently being offered in the curriculum. (D)