Departmental Overview

         The Department offers three majors: Economics, Finance and Business Administration. We offer day and night classes for your convenience and each of these majors will prepare you for a career in corporations, non-profit organizations, and the public sector. These majors offer high returns on your investment in college education, as starting salaries for each of them are ranked in the top ten of entry level positions. The majors equally prepare those students who wish to be entrepreneurs or move on to graduate schools. Many of our students have successfully completed graduate work at very prestigious graduate programs around the nation.

        The Department also offers the Ph.D. degree in Business Administration with concentration in Economics. Even though most of the students who receive the Ph.D. degree accept teaching positions in colleges and universities, the degree equally prepares students for careers as researchers in corporations, non-profit organizations and the public sector. So, for a rewarding life and career, we encourage you to consider taking up one of our majors while at Jackson State University