Dr. Nicholas J. Hill

Nicholas HillAssociate Professor of Economics
COB Bldg., Office 420
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Biography, Nicholas J. Hill, PhD

Nicholas J. Hill is an Associate Professor of Economics at Jackson State University in the Department of Economics, Finance and General Business. He received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Tougaloo College. After receiving a Master of Arts in Urban Economics from Howard University, he furthered his education by receiving a Ph.D. in Business Administration with emphasis in Economics from Jackson State University. His dissertation was entitled “Is it Really Safe Sex? Analyzing the Causal Link between Contraceptive Usage and Crime Rates.” He has been the instructor for the following courses Statistics I (359), Public Finance (444), Econometrics (460) and Urban Economic (456), Intermediate Microeconomics (312), Advanced Microeconomic Theory (512), Seminar in Business Research (562) and Health Care Management (HSA 6432). He has conducted research with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Economic Research Service (ERS) that examines the long run effect price fluctuation on the demand for global agricultural commodities. He also worked as a primary developer of an elasticity database system that is currently used by the USDA in determining the overall effectiveness of agricultural elasticity measures. He directed the Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Summer Program which was created to insure that that there exists a steady stream of entrepreneurial minded students to build business and create jobs in the community. He is currently the director of the PhD Program in Business. His research emphasis focuses on Contemporary Issues in Health and Urban Economics. It is his belief that these issues are key to answering the fundamental question of society now. Key words that would describe his research stream are, Health Economics, Urban Economics, Family Planning, Religion, Religiosity, Crime, and Poverty. He is the husband to Mary-Margarette Hill and the father to Nicholas John Champion Hill, Jr., Harper Theodore Champion Hill and Clark Leon Champion Hill. He attends Farmhaven Church of Christ Holiness USA in Farmhaven, MS where he serves as a deacon.