Professional Centers

Cleopatra D. Thompson Curriculum Center

The Cleopatra D. Thompson Curriculum Center, located in Room 314 of the Joseph H. Jackson College of Education Building, serves as the bridge for relevant PK-12 curricula, technology, and best practices for instructional delivery. The center has been redesigned to support the seamless transition between higher education and PK-12 for our college faculty, pre-service teachers and all education majors.


Education Technology Center

The Electronic Classroom is equipped with two-way interactive video and audio conferencing for distance learners. The classroom is used to transmit courses to students at off-campus locations and houses four television sets, documents, camera, VCR, and a multimedia computer.

The Computer Laboratories are designed to support the academic curriculum and to encourage personal enrichment for students and staff in the application of computer technology in education. The laboratories’ resources include 20 multimedia network computers with Internet connectivity and appropriate software packages.


Harris-Gambrell Reading Center

The Harris-Gambrell Reading Center bridges the gap between early childhood/elementary education and higher education through specially designed reading experiences that involve a unique blend of graduate students, college students and elementary students.

Services available for elementary students include pre-tests, post-tests and instructional materials provided to increase skill acquisition in decoding, fluency and comprehension.  The services will be provided during after-school, summer and Saturday reading sessions to students in a reading clinic environment with the purpose of diagnosing and improving reading abilities.


Kids Kollege

Since its founding in 1983, as a place of academic and cultural enrichment, Kids Kollege at JSU, has provided over 40,000 families and their pre-school and school aged children, with graceful and competent educational services. Kids Kollege has grown dramatically over the last two decades, and improved its offerings, its assessment procedures, and yet it has remained remarkably true to its mission and ideals.

For more information, call 601-979-5437 or email


Lottie W. Thornton Early Childcare Center

Jackson State University, School of Education, Lottie W. Thornton Early Childhood Center, is located on the first floor of the Joseph H. Jackson School of Education Building. The Center provides childcare services for faculty, staff, students and the general community and serves a multi-purpose in the area of teacher education. It offers diversified laboratory experience for graduate and undergraduate students in cognitive, psychomotor and creative learning. The Center also provides an enriching educational experience for young children. Its also cooperates with curriculum and research efforts of Jackson State University students and faculty.


Test Preparation Center/Praxis Lab

The Praxis Lab is designed to assist prospective teachers in preparing for the Praxis tests. The Mississippi State Board of Education requires that all educators pass this test to comply with licensure guidelines. The College of Education’s Praxis Lab provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with both the Praxis I and Praxis II tests.

Test preparation workshops are held throughout the year designed to provide students with the opportunity to sharpen their skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

3rd Floor of Joseph Jackson Building, Room 312  |  601-979-2186


William H. Brooks Counseling Laboratory and Statistics Laboratory

The Counseling Laboratory is designed to provide students an opportunity to practice, develop, demonstrate and refine those counseling skills and competencies essential for a successful practicum prior to their placement in the field. 

The Statistics Laboratory is designed to provide the facilities needed to promote research and successful instruction and practice of the statistical techniques and procedures. The laboratory resources include 20 multimedia network computers with Internet connectivity and various software packages.