Doris O. Ginn


Associate Professor of English, Tenured

Coordinator of Linguistics and English as a Second Language
Supervisor of Teacher Candidates in English Education

Office: 403 College of Liberal Arts Building
Phone: 601.979.2869


Curriculum Vitae



Research: Pidgin and Creole Languages, Bilingualism, Textual Analysis, Sociocultural Linguistic History of the Diaspora, and African American Dialects.
Teaching: Linguistics, English, English as a Second Language/Dialect, and Cultural Aspects of Literature.
Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, African American Dialects, Bilingualism, English as a Foreign Language, English as a Second Language/Dialect, Syntax, Pidgin and Creole Languages, Tagmemics, and Composition.

Courses Taught:
    •    Advanced Laboratory Writing
    •    Research and Bibliography
    •    Fundamentals of Linguistics
    •    Phonetics and Phonemics
    •    Applied Linguistics
    •    Semantics
    •    Transformational Syntax
    •    Tagmemics
    •    Dialectology
    •    Psycholinguistics
    •    Sociolinguistics
    •    Second Language Teaching
    •    The History of Linguistic Science
    •    Thesis Writing
    •    English as a Second Language
    •    Morphology and Syntax
    •    Linguistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
    •    Linguistics in Education

    •    Composition and Literature
    •    Composition and Mass Media
    •    Composition and Language
    •    Laboratory Writing
    •    Critical Writing
    •    Technical Writing
    •    Professional Writing
    •    Specialized Writing
    •    Grammar and Composition
    •    Advanced College Writing
    •    The Research Paper
    •    History of the English Language
    •    English Word Power
    •    Language Arts in the Secondary Schools
    •    Linguistics and the Teaching of English
    •    Introduction to Linguistics
    •    Semantics and Journalism Style
    •    Introduction to Literature
    •    English Literature
    •    American Literature
    •    Recent American Literature

Coordinator of Linguistics and English as a Second Language

Supervisor of Teacher Candidates in English Education

Teacher Candidate, Visits 2010-2011
African American Read-In, NCTE, 2002 – 2011
Chair, Golden Class Reunion, JSU 2013
Chair, Committee awarding JSU its first $100,000.00 scholarship award
First designated class honored in brick naming ceremony on the Gibbs-Green Plaza
Mary Church Terrell (MCT) Literary Club's Souvenir Book committee
MCT Literary Mistress of Ceremony for the 100th Celebration of Margaret Walker Alexander
MCT Black History book club for select public schools
Book Reading sessions at the Margaret Walker Alexander Public Library for Preschool children
Speaker for Friends of the Library-Tylertown, MS 1983, 2007, and 2017
Speaker at the celebration of Margaret Walker Alexander's 100th birthday on Campus 
Listed Speaker for year-long celebrants for the MHC at the Welty Public Library

Professional Memberships:
AAAL -American Association of Applied Linguistics -Black Issues in Higher Education 
CCCC -Conference on College Composition and Communication -Focuses: Journal of Writing and Research 
NCTE -National Council of Teachers of English PDK -Phi Delta Kappa 
TESOL -Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages -The Chronicle of Higher Education 
ADS -American Dialect Society 
AMTESOL -Alabama-Mississippi Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages 
AAUP -American Association of University Professors 
CLA -College Language Association 
SCETC -Southeastern Conference on English in the Two-Year Colleges
SCADS -South Central American Dialect Society 
MPS -Mississippi Philological Society 
MRA -Mississippi Reading Association
JACET -Jackson Area Council of English Teachers 
JSUGC -Jackson State University Graduate Council (English Department Representative) 
NCNW -National Council of Negro Women 
LSA -Linguistics Society of America 
BEA -Black Educators Association of the Niagara Frontier 
NYSEC -New York State English Council

Civic Organizations:
MPTA -Mississippi Partners of the Americas 
NWJO -Northwest Jackson Optimist Club 
MCT -Mary Church Terrell Literary Club