Allyson Berry Promoted to Transportatation Manager

March 3rd, 2016 by jsufcm

126Allyson Berry, recently promoted from her position of Transportation Coordinator, now serves as the Transportation Manager for JSU Department of Facilities and Construction Management.

In 2011, Ms. Berry moved from Brookhaven, MS to Jackson, MS to attend JSU and attain her undergraduate degree.  In three years, Ms. Berry received her Bachelors and is now in the final stages of completing her Master Degree from JSU in the summer of 2016; and later plans to pursue a doctoral degree.  Importantly, Ms. Berry stated that she has reached another major goal professionally by being selected as the new Transportation Manager. 

On a personal note, Allyson Berry’s goal is simply to have her child succeed as well. When not at work, you can find Ms. Berry with her five year old son at Chucky Cheese, the Mall, and/or participating in “kid stuff” related events. When asked if she would be sending her son to JSU in the future, Ms. Berry stated, “as an alumna, I will be definitely rooting it”.

Departmental staff often describes Ms. Berry as reliable, friendly and outgoing.  She is also known for her positive attitude and enthusiasm to help others.  Ms. Berry also feels one of her biggest strengths is effective problem solving.  One of her philosophies is to go to the source and speak with people to resolve issues.  This is especially useful when working with vendors and drivers, where establishing and maintaining a good relationship makes a huge difference in coordinating transportation schedules and last minute changes.

Allyson expressed excitement to be working at her alma mater, where she said morale is good and you feel appreciated especially at a job that you enjoy and naturally good at.  In her new leadership role, Ms. Berry plans to improve the unit’s operational function through the use of the new JSU Vehicle Reservation system that is coming soon, holding employees accountable; and more importantly, promoting team work and communication.


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