Responsive Educator Objectives

The Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation offers a Bachelor of Science Degree  with a concentration in the areas of Health (teaching), Physical Education (teaching), Recreation (non-teaching),  and Therapeutic Recreation (nonteaching).


The objectives of the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER), are in keeping with those of the University, the College of Education and Human Development, and its guiding principles, the Responsive Educator, whose goal is to positively impact the full range of K-12 students.

  • To assist candidates in developing ethical standards and practices.
  • To develop candidates that are professionally motivated.
  • To develop candidates that are technology diverse.
  • To prepare candidates to deal with a diverse community of learners.



The outcomes of the “responsive educator” are aligned with the College of Education and Human Development and provides and embodies:

  •  A  knowledgeable response where the candidate exhibits  well- informed and discerning acquaintance with the critically important information and understanding of the teaching profession, field(s) of study, and pedagogy that are necessary to act with decisive and effective purposefulness in the best interest of the learning of all P12 students.
  • A skillful response where the candidate exhibits the teaching related performance abilities, along with the pedagogical, and diversity proficiencies that are required to support positive outcomes for all students in P12 educational settings.
  •  A committed response where the candidate is ethically and professionally obligated, pledged and disposed uphold both a professional and personal affirmation of equity pedagogy- the belief in fairness as fundamental to the educational enterprise, and the conviction that all students can learn.
  •  A professional response where the candidate shows oneself to be a skilled education practitioner who is knowledgeable about schooling and education, well- versed in the standards, ethics, policies, and responsibilities incumbent upon the teaching profession, and both skilled and committed to advocacy that strengthens both the profession and the P12 learning environment it serves.