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Robert Luckett, history professor and head of the Margaret Walker Center, writes:

Our governor and the Legislature want to revamp MAEP and strengthen charter schools. We must be wary. It's not by chance that modern school-choice "reform" has a strong connotation with our racist past. Many in the state's white leadership are products of white-flight desegregation just like the governor. Many of these white power brokers have never been personally invested in high-quality public education for all children and see little reason to be now.

Learn more at Luckett, Robert. “From Council Schools to Today’s Fight for Public Ed.” Jackson Free Press. February 15, 2017.

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The program hopes to address the professional shortage of "ethnic" Ph.D. students and the lack of history M.A. programs in central Mississippi.


Jackson State Opens MA Plan in History

Learn more at “Jackson State Opens MA Plan in History.” Clarion-Ledger. October 6, 1974.

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JSU history and other faculty offer a Cross Cultural Awareness program for teachers on Africa.

Institutes Set for Teachers

Learn more at “Institutes Set for Teachers.” The Yazoo Herald. May 26, 1984.

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History major Mallory Turner attends inauguration of America's first black president.

Learn more at “Turner to Attend Obama Inauguration.” Enterprise-Journal. January 18, 2009.

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"We, blacks and whites, members of the History and Political Science faculty of Jackson State College," the statement reads,

deplore and condemn the actions on May 14-15 of the local and state police in unleashing a thirty-second fusillade of several hundred bullets into the crowds of people within and near the women's dormitory… 

Such actions, in our judgment, constitutes an irresponsible, reckless use of force, grossly disproportionate to the circumstances as alleged by [the mayor]…  and by the police themselves.  It should be noted also that such actions were taken without prior warning or recourse to non-lethal weapons…

Those responsible for the death of two youths (one a major in our department) on May 14-15, and the wounding of more than a dozen others should be prosecuted, convicted, and punished according to the law.

The resolution was signed by Dr. George Currie, Sister Margaret Hutton, Bennie L. Reeves, Charles Holmes, E.C. Foster, Percy Gambrell, Sister Mary Cotter, Marjorie Jordan, Dan Vogt, Harold F. Sweeney, Jr., Allan Druckery, Ethan Fishman, Tom Sylverton, Burns B. Machobane, Sister Michele Doyle, Fzzat Slaieh, and Thomas J. Robinson.  


Faculty Members, Alumni of Jackson State Make Protest

Learn more at “Faculty Members, Alumni of Jackson State Make Protest.” Clarion-Ledger. May 21, 1970.

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