IT Help Desk


The IT Help Desk @ JSU falls under the Department of Computing & Communications, it is here to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot all technical related issues experienced by the Jackson State Community.  The IT Help Desk Ticketing System (Kace IT Service Desk; is an online system that allows users to login and create a work order/ticket request for the technical issue(s) that they are experiencing.  Once that work order/ticket request has been generated, it will be assigned to one of our qualified IT Technicians. The designated IT technician will work on resolving that issue as quickly as possible.  The IT Help Desk Ticketing System will also allow users to login in to check the status of their work order/ticket  requests.  We also have an IT Help Desk Support line (601-979-6400), which is managed Monday thru Friday during business hours (8:00AM – 5:00PM).


The IT Help Desk @ JSU strives to provide effective, efficient responsiveness to any type of technical issue that may arise within the University.  We are committed in providing excellent technical service with outstanding customer service and professionalism.