Telephone Services

Voice Services – All voice service work orders will be completed within three (3) business days.  If for any reason a voice service work order can not be completed within three (3) business days we will notify you and  resolve it as soon as possible. 

Please contact Help Desk at 601.979.2069 or telephone support at 601.979.2005. When a telephone work order is requested, the requester must provide the following information below.

For Telephone(s) Repair provide the following:

  1. Telephone Number with an issue
  2. Type of telephone with the issue (Easy, Premium, Advanced, 4019 Urban Grey, VVX400/410, VVX500)
  3. Building Name
  4. Office/Room Number
  5. Contact person with an email address and telephone number


Telephone Troubleshooting:

Alcatel IP-Phone Troublshooting Tip (PDF)
Alcatel IP-Phone VoiceMail Qiuck Reference (PDF)

Voice Over IP Phone Quick Reference Guide

Polycom VVX500/600 Business Media Phone Quick Reference Guide

PDF File

Polycom VVX400/410 Business Media Phones Quick Reference Guide

PDF File