Trivia 1

About women in STEM & SBS

Version 1

1.    I am interested in the biological control of pests and disease using microorganisms and plants and their metabolites.  Who am I?

2.   My research focuses on improving the understanding of environmental agents’ effect on DNA function, DNA mutation, and DNA repair activities.  I have a book chapter, 2 pending patents, and several publications in biochemistry and forensic DNA.  Who am I?

3.    I was one of ten African-American computer science and software engineering students to graduate from Auburn University from 2000-2009 with a Ph.D.  Who am I?

4.    My research interest includes Gender Generalization and Equity in STEM Disciplines, Workforce Leadership and Development (Leadership and Diversity Issues), Technology Management and Administration, etc., who am I?

5.    I received my PhD from the University of Keele, in England. Who am I?

6.    My research focuses on the constitutional protections surrounding gender, race, and religion. I am the co-author of books “Constitutional Law in Contemporary America Volume I: Institutions, Politics, and Process” and “Constitutional Law in Contemporary America: Volume II Civil Rights and Liberties,” and I am working on a book on Equating Pregnancy, Who am I?

7.    I serve as Chair of MAS Graduate and Undergraduate Research Awards Committee, who am I?

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