Visibility Component Overview

The establishment of visibility opportunities specifically designed for JSU STEM-SBS senior women faculty to expand their horizons, and highlight their work and accomplishments locally, nationally, and abroad is proposed. This component should also be considered as part of a university wide program available to all faculty, which will help the university achieve greater overall visibility.

JSUAdvance mentors will assist the senior female faculty member with establishing visibility, and a national and international reputation. JSUAdvance will establish a program to support travel to national and international conferences in the related STEM-SBS areas, and the faculty member’s specific areas of research. JSU has a long and distinguished history of involvement in the international arena.

Women faculty members are not invited to participate in international travel opportunities as often as male faculty members. Cultural differences or stereotypes may hinder the opportunities of joint travel by male and female faculty. Women faculty will be mentored and coached through the process of gaining access to JSU international opportunities. Special efforts will be initiated to establish academic travel groups consisting of both male and female faculty with the goal of increasing travel abroad opportunities for women, and changing the culture at JSU by removing travel barriers for women.