National Board Certification

The Southwest Mississippi World-Class Teaching Initiative offers several different programs to meet the needs of teachers seeking National Board Certification.

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What is National Board Certification (NBC)?

NBC proves that teachers possess the skills and knowledge of accomplished teaching as demonstrated by their performance on a two-part assessment. The assessment is based on high standards developed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The standards-based assessment requires candidates to create a classroom-based portfolio and complete a one-day written assessment. Call 1-800-22TEACH to receive an application for NBPTS.

Why would Mississippi teachers want to do this?

  • 6,000 annual bonus for 10 years after certification
  • MS re-certification for 5 years
  • Professional growth and affirmation
  • Leadership opportunities while remaining in the classroom
  • Promote teaching as a professionn

Reimbursement of 2,500 fee by the State of Mississippi if assessment is completed.

The Pre-Candidacy Program

The Pre-Candidacy Program is designed for teachers who wish to fine tune their teaching skills before beginning the NBC process and who are interested in seeking National Board Certification during the following school year.

Professional development seminars are offered on many topics such as: the three types of writing used in the portfolio (descriptive, analytic, and reflective), videotaping tips, study of standards by certificate area, collaboration in the professional community, and outreach to families and community.

Standards Study/Prep. Course

This is a four-day workshop designed to provide instructions on the standards developed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The workshop gives an overview of the National Board Certification process and allows the candidates the opportunity to study the standards for a specific certificate area with a National Board Certified Teacher. This workshop is an essential step in entering the mentoring program.

Mentoring Program

The heart of the Southwest Mississippi World-Class Teaching Initiative is the monthly meetings of active candidates with their peers and a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT). Selected candidates are organized into certificate groups of no more than ten per mentor who facilitates the work of these candidates.

For an explanation of the current Mississippi law governing the reimbursement process for National Board certified teachers, counselors, and speech pathologists, please go to Here

For an application for National Board Certification, please call 1-800-22-TEACH or apply on-line at

For information on the Mississippi Candidate Subsidy Program, please go to the About Page of the NBPTS Site at