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  1. Summer Camp for Census Data Users
    August 1 @ 8:00 am - August 2 @ 5:00 pm



The Research unit conducts research to improve the quality of life through basic and applied research.  Additionally, the division houses the U. S. Census Information Center (CIC) and serves as an urban issues repository and clearinghouse. Research publications and other materials are available for review and may copied. The following services are provided:



Basic and applied research, policy analysis, consultation and general advisory services which contribute to current practices and provide insight on solutions to urban problems are provided.


Census Data

The U.S. Census Information Center provides data research and training for policymakers, urban planners, service providers as well as members of academic and lay communities.


Research Findings Dissemination

Findings from research conducted into problems that plague urban communities and program information are disseminated to a wider audience of policymakers, urban planners, service providers, and academic and lay community members via newsletters, an online peer-reviewed journal, research reports and presentations.


Focus Group Facilitation Services

Focus group facilitation is provided to collect information and provide reports regarding the opinions and knowledge of specific populations that are important to policymakers, urban planners, service providers, and academic and lay community members.


To request any of the above services or specially tailored services, please complete a MURC Services Request Form by clicking on the link below.

MURC Services Request Form