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Dr. Ivan Elezovic

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Assistant Professor

Coordinator of Music Theory and Composition


Ivan Elezovic (D.M.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) studied composition, music theory, and electronic music at the University of Manitoba, McGill University, and the University of Illinois working with Michael Matthews, Randolph Peters, Zack Settel, Alcides Lanza, Guy Garnett, Erik Lund, and Scott Wyatt.

After receiving the Presser Award in 2001, he went to IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique) where he studied with Brian Ferneyhough and Marc-André Dalbavie. A year later, he was accepted at the Internationales Musikinstitut in Darmstadt, Germany where he worked with Isabel Mundry, Tristan Murail, Robert HP Platz, and Valerio Sannicandro.

Dr. Elezovic’s compositional output ranges from acoustic to electroacoustic works including mixed media, and has been recognized by numerous competitions and festivals: Music Since 1900 (Liverpool, England); NoiseFloor 2013 (Stafford, England); XXI International Tribune od Composers (Belgrade, Serbia); Frontwave New Music Festival 2012 (West Palm Beach, USA); XVIII Festival Internacional Punto de Encuentro (Valencia, Spain); EuroMac (Rome, Italy); Image & Resonance Festival (Mar del Plata, Argentina); Australasian Computer Music Conference (Auckland, New Zealand); Society of Composers National Conference (Columbia, South Carolina); Arts Now Series (Raleigh, North Carolina); National College Music Society Conference (Portland, Oregon); International Computer Music Conference (Rome, Italy); Society of Composers National Conference (Santa Fe, New Mexico); 1st Annual Festival of Art of Sounds (Belgrade, Serbia); 2nd Kentucky New Music Festival (Lexington, Kentucky); Spring in Havana (Havana, Cuba); Music Beyond Performance (Stockton, California); International Tribune of Composers (Belgrade, Serbia); GroundSwell-New Music Series (Winnipeg, Manitoba); SEAMUS (Iowa city, Iowa); VI International Electroacoustic Music Festival of Santiago de Chile (Santiago, Chile); Seoul International Computer Music Conference SICMF (Seoul, South Korea); International Festival of Acousmatics and Multimedia (Buenos Aires, Argentina); the Canadian Electroacoustic Community CEC (Montreal, Quebec); Palmarès du 32e Concours International de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourges (Bourges, France).

Instead of following a single style, Dr. Elezovic allows a number of materials and ideas to influence the approach and method for each new work. His compositional style, honed and refined in North America, demonstrates both a dedication to craftsmanship and a ceaseless pursuit of innovative conceptual goals. He was teaching composition, music technology, and music theory courses at the University of Illinois, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Mahidol University, Nova Southeastern University, and Palm Beach Atlantic University. Presently, Dr. Elezovic is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator in Music Theory and Composition at Jackson State University.

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