July 16th, 2013 by cset

CSET Appointments:

Dear Colleagues I am pleased to announce the following appointments effective immediately in CSET.

  1. Dr. Francis Tuluri – Interim Chair for Department of Technology
  2. Dr.  Mahmoud Manzoul – Interim Chair for Department of Computer Science
  3. Dr. Mehri Fadavi – Interim Chair for Department of Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and GeoSciences
  4. Mr. Chuck Patrick – Interim Director of Trent Lott Center- (Visualization, GIS, Graduate/Undergraduate Curriculum Enhancement)

We are delighted that the above have agreed to serve in the capacities announced and look forward to their leadership in the respective departments as well as their contributions to the CSET Leadership Team, across campus and in our communities representing CSET and its goals/vision.   Each of them have a proven record of leadership and many successes.

Also we would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Gordon Skelton for his many contributions as Interim Chair for Computer Science.  He is returning to his faculty position in the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering

Best wishes,
Richard A. Alo’

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