Carl T. Drake, Ph. D.



Ph.D., Science Education (Physics Ed.),The University of Southern Mississippi, 2009

M.S., Physics, Clemson University, 1986

B.S., Physics, Jackson State University, 1984


Research Interests

Physics Education

Solid State Physics

Variable Star Research

Selected Publications

Bramlett, D. C., Drake, C. T. (2013), The Role of Proof in the Curriculum, Journal of Mathematical Sciences & Mathematics Education,  8(1).

Drake, C. T. (Presenter & Author), 2012 Mississippi Academy of Science Annual Meeting, “African-American College Students’ Attitudes Towards Physics And Its Affect On Achievement”, Mississippi Academy of Science, Hattiesburg, MS. (February 23, 2012)

Davis, C. A., Williams, Q. L., Drake, C. T.  (2010). Mathematics Ability and Science Reasoning as Predictors of Science Achievement among African-American Students at a Historical Black College or University. Journal of Mathematical Sciences & Mathematics Education,  5(2).

Drake, C. T. (Presenter Only), 69th Annual meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Science, “The Use of WebCT in an Introductory Physics Course,” Oxford, MS.. (January 2005).

Drake, C. T.  (Presenter & Author), 2010 SME Seminar Series, ” African-American College Students’ Attitudes towards Physics and its Affect on Achievement ,” University of Southern Mississippi Center for Science and Mathematics Education, Hattiesburg, MS. (March 31, 2010).


Contact Information

Just Science Hall – Rm 352

Phone: (601) 979-3624

Fax: (601) 979-3630