DURP MA Student, Giahanna Bridges, Sheds Light on Jackson’s 1% Sales Tax

November 28th, 2018 by jsudurp

The question of where the funds from the 1% sales tax were addressed by Giahanna Bridges, MA student.  She focused her research on how the money is allocated within the City of Jackson during the 2016 timeframe since that was the most recent data available. Her findings also showed that infrastructure issues continue to be a priority for the current city's administration to address.  An attentive audience was present and asked a lot of questions for Giahanna while her internship site supervisor, Dr. Sam Mozee, interim director of the Mississippi Urban Research Center (MURC) facilitated the presentation.  

Also in attendance was Dr. Joan M. Wesley, DURP interim chair and associate professor, Dr. Talya D. Thomas, DURP assistant professor and internship coordinator, DURP staff and students, MURC staff, and family and friends of Giahanna.  

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