Postal Services



The University has always provided the campus community with some form of campus mail service. From its initial to its present phase, the objectives of the Post Office have been to service each member of the University community in an efficient and courteous manner; stay abreast of the extensive changes in postal regulations; maintain financial stability; and, utilize the most efficient and effective methods of mailing to reduce the University's postage expenses.

Realizing that this department must interact with all segments of the University community, students, faculty and staff, management constantly strive to provide an efficient and economical mail system for Jackson State University .

The Post Office is responsible for the postal service requirements of the students, faculty and staff of the University. Its primary purpose is to provide an efficient and economical mail system which will ensure timely service for both incoming and outgoing mail, while operating within established University and U.S. Postal Service guidelines and/or procedures. The Post Office is also committed to improving the image, quality and delivery of mail.

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