This ‘Doc’ uses guidance as a cure

March 24th, 2013 by speech

From the Clarion Ledger:


“To be Young, Gifted and Black” “Oh what a lovely and precious gift.”

Many know these words as lyrics from Nina Simone’s song that served as an anthem during the civil rights era.  But, in the Jackson community, Dr. Mark Henderson uses it to empower others. It also serves as the motto of MADDRAMA, the performance troupe he founded.

Henderson is the current director of the Theatre department at Jackson State University.

“Doc” is how most JSU students refer to Henderson. When I think about this title, I compare him to an actual physician. The way he deals with each individual based on their “symptoms” further exemplifies his dedication to building them up rather than giving them generic medicine they’ve probably been getting their entire lives.

The people Doc comes in contact with come from many walks of life with various expectations of life and different ways of dealing with their personal issues.

“One of the first questions I ask students who come to me for guidance is “What do you need from me; How can I help you?” It is from there that I begin to see what their needs are and I attend to that,” said Doc.

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