Preparing for Productive & Profitable Careers – February 7, 2008


Guest Speakers
Walter Rutledge
New York Dancer / Choreographer / Producer

Jonathan Wright
Director, Corporate Tours
JSU Career Services Center

Lashonda Jordan
Director, JSU Career Services Center
JSU Career Services Center

Mei-Chi Piletz
Director of the China Initiative
Office of the President
Jackson State University

Pei-Ying Lee
First Taiwanese Student at JSU
Exchange Student from Taipei, Taiwan – English Major

Shakiri Murrain
Business Entrepeneur – Nanjing, China
Former Study Abroad Participant – Howard University (2005)

Research Forum Chairperson
Patricia Murrain, Ph.D.

Research Forum Committee Members
Mark G. Henderson, Ph.D.
Candace Brown
Nadia Bodie
-Smith, Ph.D.