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2.11.3 Smoke-Free Campus Policy

Environmental tobacco smoke has been designated as a carcinogen which can cause cancer in both smokers and nonsmokers.  Jackson State University perceives that it would be in the best interest of the health of students, faculty, and staff to provide a smoke-free environment.  The purpose of this policy is to protect the health of student, faculty, and staff by providing a smoke-free environment as set forth below.
Tobacco use in any form shall not be permitted in university facilities and university vehicles owned or leased, regardless of location.
Smoking shall only occur at a reasonable distance (25 feet or more) outside any enclosed area where smoking is prohibited so as to ensure that secondhand smoke does not enter the area through entrances, windows, ventilation systems, or any other means.  The policy applies to all students, faculty, staff and visitors.
This policy relies on the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers for its success. Observance of this policy is the responsibility of all members of the Jackson State University community. Complaints regarding violations of the policy should be referred to the immediate supervisor, or in the cases of students, to the appropriate student affairs administrator, or in the case of visitors to the department they are visiting.
University employees who violate the Tobacco Use Policy are subject to employee discipline. Student who violates the Tobacco Use Policy may be charged through the Student Judicial Office. A fine of up to $25.00 may be assessed for faculty, staff or students who violate the policy. Visitors should be politely reminded that tobacco use is limited to designated areas.
Review of this policy will be conducted annually.  Specific problems that members of the community want reviewed should be sent to the Division of Human Resources. The goal of the University to achieve an environment as close to smoke-free as practically possible will ensure a reasonably safe environment for employees, students, and visitors.