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3.5.6 Donated Leave

Any employee of Jackson State University may donate a portion of his or her earned personal leave or major medical leave to another employee of the University who is suffering from a catastrophic injury or illness, as defined in Section 25-3-91 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, or to another employee who has a member of his or her immediate family who is suffering from a catastrophic injury or illness, in accordance with the following:
The employee donating the leave (the “donor employee”) shall designate the employee who is to receive the leave (the “recipient employee”) and the amount of earned personal leave and major medical leave that is to be donated, and shall notify the donor employee’s immediate supervisor or the department head of his or her designation by completing and submitting the Donor/Recipient Leave Request Form.  The donor and recipient shall sign the appropriate form and secure signature approval from both supervisors or department heads.
For more information, please contact the Division of Human Resources.