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Professional and Leadership Development


A Way to Keep Growing

The aim of the Staff Senate is to create an engaged and creative workplace community. Intensive promotion of the existing professional development training and continuous education resources is needed to encourage widespread participation throughout the University.


The Staff Leadership Institute (SLI) was initiated in 2012.  It focuses on individual effectiveness, personal improvement, and leadership within the JSU’s culture.  Each academic year, up to twenty-five (25) participants will be chosen by the Selection Committee to assess and enhance core leadership skills and competencies.  Areas of focus are communication; use of technology; group dynamics; team building; workplace ethics, collaboration; and performance management. The proposed time commitment is a three (3)-month process. 

Application Requirements: 


Timeline for Application to the JSU Leadership Institute



Completed no later than:

Staff Senate “Open Call” for nominations/applications to campus community

Feb. 22

Employees submit Leadership Institute applications to the Staff Senate

Feb. 22 – Mar. 4

Staff Senate disseminates all received applications to selection committee

Mar. 7

Committee reviews and selects up to 25 participants

Mar. 7 – Mar. 11

Staff Senate notifies participants via email of their selection

Mar. 14

Participants email their acceptance to three-month program

Mar. 15 – 16

Staff Senate announces the participants on the web and via email to the University community

Mar. 18


Listed below are the TENTATIVE dates for the Institute:

SLI Program Orientation

Module 1 (Session 1)
Develop your Brand: Discover your Leadership Style

Module 1 (Session 2)

Module 2 (Session 1)
Leadership Challenges in Team Setting: Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

Module 2 (Session 2)

Module 3 (Session 1)
Leadership Refinement: Alignment of Personal and Organizational Values

Module 3 (Session 2)

Work Sessions for SLI Program Presentation of Innovative Ideas


SLI Program Presentation of Innovative Ideas


For professional development opportunities currently available to all staff employees, please contact the Professional Development Center.