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What to Expect as a Senator

  • Staff Senate is an excellent vehicle for being informed of happenings occurring on campus before it is announced campus-wide.
  • Attend a once a month Staff meeting that offers valuable information and excellent presentations for what is happening on our various campuses and within our state. You must have an interest in wanting to be informed of what’s happening.
  • Staff Senate provides an opportunity to make a difference by addressing issues/concerns of Jackson State employees.
  • Committee participation offers Senators an opportunity to gain knowledge & offer ideas.
  • Special events, meetings, forums, lunch & learns, sponsored events, etc. are communicated by you to the constituents within you district.
  • Expect to receive possible feed-back from your constituents regarding concerns or questions.
  • Follow-up with the concerns or questions by informing the Staff Senate Vice-President who will communicate with the correct Staff Senate committee to address the question or concern.
  • Staff Senate is a great resource for networking.
  • You only get out of the Staff Senate what you can put into it!
  • Be a part of a dynamic team of individuals who care about Jackson State as an institution, as well as, the people who work and go to school on all campuses.