Dear Prospective Participant:

Please read everything carefully and follow the directions given in the registration packet.

The JSU/UNITE summer program at Jackson State University is a four week designed to engage rising 11th grade students in class instruction and hands-on activities that will promote interest in higher education and career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

All materials must be received at Jackson State University by May 16, 2016. To be considered for the JSU/UNITE program, the basic requirements (stated below) must be met.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Must be a rising 9th grade (going from 8th grade to 9th grade) and rising 10th grade students only.
  2. Must be a minority student and interested in STEM areas of study.
  3. Belong to underrepresented/underserved schools
  4. Must be present for both beginning and closing functions of the program .
  5. Must submit all the forms in the registration packet and abide by its regulations.
  6. Must submit two letters of recommendations.

All correspondence must be addressed to the following by post or electronically to:

Dr. Francis Tuluri, Program Coordinator and Manager
UNITE site @ Jackson State University
Jackson State University
P O Box 18480 Jackson, MS 39217
Telephone (601) 979-8262 – Fax (601) 979-4110

Once your application materials have been received, they will be reviewed and you will receive a letter (or by email) informing you as to your acceptance to the JSU/UNITE summer program at Jackson State University.