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Department of Accounting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship
College of Business


The Department of Accounting offers the BBA degree with a major in accounting. Also, we work with the College of Business Graduate Business Studies to offer the Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA) and the PHD in Business with a concentration in Accounting.

Prospective Students

Accounting graduates are trained to speak the technical language of business.  Our BBA and MPA graduates find employment opportunities in public accounting (e.g., “Big Four CPA Firms”), Government (e.g., Internal Revenue, FDIC, FBI, state tax and audit agencies) and Industry (corporate financial reporting, internal audit, etc.).  Many of our graduates do go on to sit for and complete the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination.

Why Choose JSU?

The Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship Department in the College of Business at Jackson State University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. The mission of the Department is to provide quality education that is based on professional standards and best practices to our undergraduate students who are majoring in Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship. Our program will prepare undergraduate students with the knowledge, competencies, critical thinking skills and field experience to operate as ethical and solutions-oriented professionals and business innovators. The undergraduate programs will also prepare students for entry into graduate programs and prepare them for
further professional development in their careers. Our program will prepare students to expand their knowledge, conduct research and continue their professional growth in their chosen fields.

Student Learning Outcomes

• Undergraduate accounting students will demonstrate a thorough understanding of financial reporting related to financial statements, asset measurement, and income determination.

• Undergraduate accounting students will demonstrate basic accounting concepts for state and local governments and not-for-profit organizations.

• Undergraduate accounting students will demonstrate a working knowledge of the Federal Income Code and gain sufficient knowledge to begin an entry-level position as a tax practitioner.

• Undergraduate accounting students will demonstrate the nature of auditing and develop a foundation for acquiring the skills and knowledge to become an auditor.

• Students will demonstrate a solid foundation in applying the financial principles of the time value of money.

• Students will be able to evaluate a large and complex business problem, make some assumptions, structure the firms’ cash flows and make a decision.

• Students will demonstrate knowledge and application of various investment instruments

• Students will demonstrate knowledge of risk and returns in evaluation of portfolios performance

• Students will be able to demonstrate how international business activities influence financial decisions.

• The student will demonstrate knowledge of the business start-up process using the lean methodology approach.

• The student will be able to develop the business model for a new start-up by proper completion of the business model canvas.

• The student will demonstrate effective oral communication skills by preparing an oral presentation of the business model to an outside group.

• The student will demonstrate knowledge of the available sources of start-up funding for a successful business.

What To Expect

General Requirements


The College of Business awards the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in the
following areas: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance,
Management, and Marketing.

In order to earn the B.B.A. degree, students must complete requirements in the following areas:
(1) the University’s general education requirements;
(2) the College of Business core requirements,
(3) the major requirements; and
(4) the elective requirements unrestricted and business.


To earn a degree in the College of Business, each student must satisfactorily complete all degree
requirements. Specific requirements for the completion of each course of study within the
College of Business are as follows:

1. Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours.
2. Earn a cumulative academic average of not less than 2.0 in all courses taken at the
University. The 2.0 cumulative GPA must be earned at the end of the semester prior to
the semester that the student applies for graduation.
3. Earn a cumulative academic average of not less than 2.0 in all business courses that are
required in the business curriculum (including the business core, the business electives,
the business philosophy requirement—business ethics, and the business major.) The 2.0
cumulative GPA must be earned at the end of the semester prior to the semester that
the student applies for graduation.
4. Earn a cumulative average of not less than 2.0 in all courses that constitute the 24 hours
in the business major. The 2.0 cumulative GPA must be earned at the end of
the semester prior to the semester that the student applies for graduation.
5. Take all senior outcome measures and examinations required by the College (Major
Field Test in Business, goal assessments, etc.).
6. Complete, in residence, not less than half of the credit hours which fulfill the
combined College core requirements and the major requirements (33.0).
7. Complete the final semester’s course work in residence.
8. Complete all senior exit requirements (College of Business Questionnaire; submission
of final resume; Jackson State University Graduating Student Survey, etc.).




Navigate our Student Success website, where you can explore our academic offerings and learn about the courses that make up our degree programs. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen fields, as well as the flexibility to explore their interests and pursue their passions.

At the undergraduate level, our programs are designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in their chosen disciplines. Students take a combination of core courses, which provide a broad foundation in their fields, and electives, which allow them to explore specific areas of interest.


For graduate students, our programs are more focused and specialized, allowing them to dive deeper into their chosen fields. Graduate students typically take a combination of core courses and electives, as well as specialized courses in their area of focus.



Looking for a way to pay for your tenure at Jackson State University? Fear not! We are here to help. Browse Scholarships in our Scholarship Portal to see what you qualify for today.

In addition to the scholarship programs offered by the University, the College of Business has a
number of financial resources for business majors. Scholarships include:

• Bill Cooley College of Business Scholarship
• Brandon J. Bolden Endowed Book Award
• C Spire Foundation Endowed Scholarship
• George F. and Alleane M. Currie Endowed Scholarship
• John Palmer Endowed Scholarship Fund
• Yates Construction Endowed Scholarship
• Dr. Jacquelyn C. Franklin Annual Scholarship
• Brandon J. Bolden Book Scholarship
• Charles F. Moore Endowed Scholarship
• Five-for-Five Book Scholarship

Apply for Scholarships


For more information, please contact us at (601) 979-2411.  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



College of Business


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