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Welcome to the Jackson State University, Reserve Officer’s Training Corps Alumni Program (JRAP)! The Tiger Battalion Alumni have become leaders in our nation’s military forces, our local communities, businesses, and educational institutions. The goals of the Program are clear: to provide a way to share the tradition with cadets and honor them along with the Alumni at the Tiger Battalion, to assist the Cadets while still in school and after graduation, and to support the faculty of the Department of Military Science.

We are currently seeking Tiger Battalion Alums that would like to serve as a mentor to some of our Cadets.  You will be matched with a Senior Cadet that has recently been accessed into your branch of the Army.  Contact with the Cadets will be via email or telephone as agreed upon by you and the Cadet. If you are interested in serving as a mentor please contact CPT Michael Kerwin at michael.e.kerwin2.mil@mail.mil.

Send in your photos and updates! If you were associated with the Tiger Battalion as either cadre or a cadet, please let us know how you are doing. You can join the JRAP by filling out the membership application. The POC for the JSU ROTC Alumni Program is Dexter Brookins at dexter.brookins@gmail.com or 601-566-5553. We appreciate your continued support of our program!

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PHONE: (601) 979-8600 FAX: (601) 979-9870 EMAIL: armyrotc@jsums.edu

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For more information on joining the Tiger Battalion, text "NG70" to 462769 or fill out our information form today! JSU Army ROTC Interest Form  Visit Us on Facebook  Visit Us on Twitter