JSU Biology students have an opportunity to apply for a research position with JSUCURE, Jackson State University Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience Program.  This is an undergraduate program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) designed to enhance the undergraduate STEM education offerings in the JSU Department of Biology, and in turn, better equip and prepare our underrepresented students for entrance into STEM-related professional careers.


Program Components

JSU-CURE Scholars have the opportunity to participate in enrichment and professional development activities.  These activities include:

  • Academic Enhancement
  • Bioinformatics Course (Spring 2023)
  • Intramural and Extramural Mentored Research Training
  • Participation in at least one scientific meeting (Oral or Poster Presentation)
  • GRE Preparatory Course
  • Participation in workshops and seminars
  • Final JSU-CURE Symposium
  • Social outings

Program Benefits (Click for Brochure)

  • Conduct hands-on team-based research
  • Work closely with faculty mentor on a research project
  • Analyze and present research findings
  • Reinforce classroom learning
  • Receive guidance on career options
  • Build academic and professional networks
  • Stipend
  • Travel to national conferences

For consideration, eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • US Citizen or permanent resident
  • JSU Biology major
  • Currently enrolled Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or Senior
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher (4.0 GPA Scale) with all first year science courses completed (BIO 111/BIOL 111, BIO 112/BIOL 112)
  • Committed to entire program (mentored research for Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Academic year and possible Summer 2023 participation)
  • Submit one letter of recommendation
  • Previous research experience not required
  • Complete an online application and submit all supporting documentation

APPLY TO JSU-CURE (Application deadline: Now – until all slots are filled)

  1. Students will apply for JSU-CURE online. {Application}
  2. Students must have one letter of recommendation submitted on their behalf. The recommendation must be completed by a professor or research mentor in the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology at Jackson State University who can give insight to the potential success of the applicant in the Program. {Letter of Recommendation}
  3. JSU-CURE decision letters will be mailed to all applicants.



Contact Us
Department of Biology
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Funded by:
National Science Foundation
(Grant #633233)