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Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences – CHEMISTRY
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


Chemistry is the study of how matter behaves at its most basic level. The central science, chemistry, is involved in everything that we do. Its applications stretch across all areas of life, including medicine, engineering and agriculture.

Ifedayo Victor Ogungbe

 Associate Professor

IVO1400 J. R. Lynch Street, P.O. Box 17910
Jackson, MS 39217-0510Physical location:John A. Peoples Science Building: Room #510


Tel: (601) 979-3719
Fax: (601) 979-3674


Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry

Research Interests: 

Characterization and biological activity of small molecules, Molecular recognition and interactions, Bioinspired design. We use computational chemistry, structural biology, organic synthesis, as well as biochemical (in vitro and in vivo) tools and assays to study how bioactive compounds and/or their mimetic interact with molecular targets.  We hope that the knowledge generated from our work will help in the development of new therapies and materials. LINK

Selected publications (Click here for full list)

1. Nyamwihura RJ, Ogungbe IV. The pinene scaffold: its occurrence, chemistry, synthetic utility, and pharmacological importance. RSC advances. 2022, 12, 11346-11375.
2. Nyamwihura RJ, Zhang H, Collins JT, Crown O, Ogungbe IV. Nopol-Based Quinoline Derivatives as Antiplasmodial Agents. Molecules. 2021, 26: 1008.  PMC7917639
3. Santos CC, Zhang H, Batista MM, de Oliveira GM, Demarque KC, da Silva-Gomes NL, Moreira OC, Ogungbe IV, Soeiro MD. In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of an Adamantyl-Based Phenyl Sulfonyl Acetamide against Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Models of Leishmania amazonensis. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2020, 64: e01188-20. 
4. Zhang H, Harmon M, Radoshitzky Sheli, Soloveva V, Kane Chris, Duplantier Allen, Ogungbe, IV. Vinyl Sulfone-Based Inhibitors of Non-Structural Protein 2 Block the Replication of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus. ACS Med. Chem. Letters, 2020, 11, 2139–2145
5. Zhang H, Collins J, Nyamwihura R, Crown O, Ajayi O, Ogungbe IV. Vinyl Sulfone-based Inhibitors of Trypanosomal Cysteine Protease Rhodesain with Improved Antitrypanosomal Activities. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 2020, 127217.
6. Zhang H, Collins J, Nyamwihura R, Ware S, Kaiser M, Ogungbe IV. Discovery of a Quinoline-Based Phenyl Sulfone Derivative as an Antitrypanosomal Agent. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2018, 28: 1647-1651. PMC5912169
7. Byler KG, Collins JT, Ogungbe IV, Setzer WN. Alphavirus protease inhibitors from natural sources: A homology modeling and molecular docking investigation. Comput Biol Chem. 2016, 64:163-184. PMID: 27387412.
8. Jefferson T, McShan D, Warfield J, Ogungbe IV. Screening and Identification of Inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei Cathepsin L with Antitrypanosomal Activity. Chemical Biology & Drug Design 2016, 58: 154-158. PMC4715686
9. McShan D, Kathman S, Lowe B, Xu Z, Zhan J, Statsyuk A, Ogungbe IV. Identification of non-peptidic cysteine reactive fragments as inhibitors of cysteine protease rhodesain. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2015, 25: 4509-4512. PMC4592840
10. Kaul TK, Reis Rodrigues P, Ogungbe IV, Kapahi P, Gill MS. Bacterial fatty acids enhance recovery from the dauer larva in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS One. 2014: 9(1):e86979. PMCID: PMC3901721




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