Dr. Thomas Michael Kersen

Associate Professor of Sociology
Email: thomas.m.kersen@jsums.edu
Phone: 601.979.3040
Location: Liberal Arts 305

Ph.D., Mississippi State University, Sociology, 2003
M.S., University of Central Arkansas, Sociology, 1996
B.A., Arkansas Tech University, Sociology, 1994
A.A., City Colleges of Chicago, 1992

Research Interests:
Sociology of religion and spirituality, population studies,  military sociology, civic roles and
need for of liberal arts and humanities in the public arena, community and communal living

Courses Taught:
Introduction to Sociology
Cultural Anthropology
Community Organization
Social Psychology
Social Statistics
Methods of Social Research
Development of Social Theory
Special Topics (Sociology of Religion)
Seminar in Sociology (capstone course)
University Success

History of Sociology
Recent Social Theory
Methods of Social Research
Special Topics
Research and Statistics

Professional Memberships:
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. (August 2009 – Present)
Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association. (August 2004 – Present)
Fellow, Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society. (2002 – Present)

Recent Publications and/or Creative Works:
1. Kersen, Thomas. 2015. “The Power of the Quest Narrative: Metaphor, Modernity,
and Transformation.” In Patsy J. Daniel (Ed.) The Power of the Word: The Sacred
and the Profane. Cambridge, UK:Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Refereed Journal Articles
1. Kersen, Thomas and Pizzetta, Candis. Forthcoming. “Exploring Regional Identity
in Arkansas: The Salience of the Ozark Term.” Elder Mountain: A Journal of Ozark Studies.
2. Kersen, Thomas. 2016. “Insider/Outsider: The Unique Nature of the Sociological
Perspective and Practice. Journal of Applied Social Science 1-9.
3. Mawson, Anthony, Kersen, Thomas, and Callender, Jassen. 2013. “Retrofitting the
Built Environment for the 21st Century.” Design & Health Scientific Review April: 64-69.
4. Kersen, Thomas, Hudiburg, Richard, and Bates, Larry. 2013.
“Exploring the Mystical Side of Running.” The Researcher 26 (1): 49-69.
5. Kersen, Thomas. 2012. “Trends in Military Enlisted Occupational Gender Segregation,
1975 to 2008.” The Researcher 25 (1):109-123.