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Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology
College of Liberal Arts


At Jackson State University, our Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of the intricacies of society, crime, and justice. OUr mission is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities needed to excel in these dynamic fields.

Graduate Criminal Justice Courses

CJ 500 System Dynamics in the Administration of Justice. (3 Hours) This course is designed for students without a criminal justice or closely related discipline or background. Students will examine the components of the criminal justice system and their impact on the lives of offenders and non-offenders. This course does not count toward degree credit (D).

CJ 515 Research Methods. (3 Hours) This course is designed to assist the student to understand and execute the basic research processes and judge the worthinessand usefulness of research as a knowledgeable consumer. (F)

CJ 520 Ethical Issues In Criminal Justice. (3 Hours) An analysis of the impact of federal and state laws, court decisions and moral and ethical factors associated with the delivery of service in the criminal justice system. (S)

CJ 525 Designing New Criminal Justice Delivery Systems. (3 Hours) This course focuses on creating new approaches to the delivery of human services. Special consideration will be given to the history of human service work, the process of getting services to people in need, helping consumers to function more effectively and the management of work to deliver effective and efficient services. (S)

CJ 526 Criminal Justice Organization and Management. (3 Hours) Prerequisite: CJS/SOC 502. Theories of Crime and Delinquency. This course focuses on the application of organization and administration principles to law enforcement, courts, and correctional settings. There will also be a review of theories and an assessment of trends. (F)

CJ 530 Implementing Behavioral Strategies for Planned Change. (3 Hours) This course is designed to develop a system for organizing and conceptualizing crime prevention efforts. Special consideration is given to crime prevention planning, programming and assessment. (S)

CJ 535 Assessment and Evaluation of Criminal Justice Policies and Practices. (3 Hours) This course will focus on developing assessment skills and conveying the evaluative information to the appropriate audience. Special consideration is given to the ability of the learner to determine and judge the value and effectiveness of a particular policy or system relative to its purpose and goals. (F)

CJ 540 Comparative Justice Systems. (3 Hours) This course is a survey of various international criminal justice systems. Special emphasis will be placed on historical, geographical, and cultural perspectives that impact the systems unique and/or similar to those in the United States. (S)

CJ 580 Special Topics. (3 Hours) An exploration of critical issues in criminal justice. Course may be repeated for credit as topics will vary each semester. (D)

CJ 599 Independent Study. (3 Hours) This course is designed to permit students to research topics not covered in other criminal justice courses. (D)

CJ 600 Thesis. (3-6 Hours) The candidate for the master of arts degree must present a thesis based on research conducted, stipulated, and approved by an advisor. (D)

CJ 601 Policy Paper. (3 Hours) Students who select the non-thesis option are required to select a criminal justice policy and research it. The student should provide a thorough analysis of the policy resulting in the policy paper. (D)









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