Fall Registration

Dear Jackson State University Students,

We are excited to announce a partnership between Jackson State University and Kaplan Test Prep that will allow you to prepare comprehensively for your GRE at a deeply discounted rate! These special GRE courses will be held on campus at Jackson State University in the fall and spring. Classes for the fall will be held from 1:30pm- 4pm pm on Tuesdays beginning on October 3rd and running through November 14th. A second fall option will be held from 6:00pm- 8:30pm on Thursdays beginning on October 5th and running through November 16th. The spring class will be held from 6:00pm-8:30pm on Thursdays beginning February 8th and running through March 29th. To view the details of the Kaplan GRE class, please click here.

This GRE class will provide structure and support by covering all of the content and skills that are presented on the GRE. You’ll receive dynamic, classroom sessions featuring comprehensive instruction by expert teachers, more than 180 hours of online instruction and practice and 7 full-length computer-based practice tests. You’ll also be provided with a personalized study plan that adjusts to your strengths and areas of opportunity so that you can study efficiently and effectively. To sign up for your Kaplan course, please complete this form: JSU GRE Registration.

For questions, please contact the College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET) Student Support Services, Scholars Academy:(601)979-1604. We look forward to seeing your great success in the Kaplan GRE class and on test day!