Test Preparation

CEHD Test Preparation Center/Praxis Lab

3rd Floor of Joseph Jackson Building, Room 312


The Praxis Lab is designed to assist prospective teachers in preparing for the Praxis tests. The Mississippi State Board of Education requires that all educators pass this test to comply with licensure guidelines. The College of Education’s Praxis Lab provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with both the Praxis I and Praxis II tests.

Praxis I test is designed to measure basic academic skills, while the Praxis II measures general and subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills.

The Praxis Lab utilizes Plato software to assess students’ knowledge in each of the basic skill areas. This software is designed to be customized by the Praxis Lab Coordinator to become tutorial as determined by students’ specific strengths and weaknesses.

Test preparation workshops are held throughout the year designed to provide students with the opportunity to sharpen their skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

The Praxis Lab is a user-friendly, modern training facility designed to aid students in becoming familiar with both the Praxis I and Praxis II test. All students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this useful resource.

For information regarding admission to teacher education, field experiences, and certification visit theCenter for Teacher Quality website.


MS Department of Education to Present the New Praxis CASE Test to the MS Board of Education for Approval

The Mississippi Department of Education  plans to present the new Praxis CASE test  to the MS Board of Education for approval.   The new Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE) test, which includes the Common Core Standards will be administered beginning September 1, 2013.


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