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Environmental Science Ph.D. Program

Dr. Paul Tchounwou, Presidential Distinguished

Professor and Director

Dr. Barbara Graham-Evans, Associate Professor

Assistant Director for Instruction

Dr. Kenneth Ndebele, Associate Professor

Assistant Director for Research

Biology Computer Engineering

Dr. G. Begonia, Professor

Dr. M. T. Begonia, Professor

Dr. I. Farah, Associate Professor

Dr. H. Hwang, Professor

Dr. R. Kafoury, Associate Professor

Dr. A. Mohamed, Professor Emeritus

Dr. A. Patolla, Assistant Professor

Dr. D. Sutton, Associate Professor

Dr. C. Yedjou, Assistant Professor

Dr. R. Kulawardhana, Assistant Professor 

Dr. M. Manzoul, Professor

Dr. R. Whalin, Professor

Computer Science

Dr. W. Brown, Professor

Dr. L. Moore, Professor


Dr. T. Kwembe, Professor

Dr. R. Gompa, Professor

Chemistry & Biochemistry Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Geoscience

Dr. Z. Arslan, Associate Professor

Dr. A. Hamme, Associate Professor

Dr. J. Leszczynski, Presidential Distinguished Professor

Dr. Y. Liu, Professor

Dr. H. Tachikawa, Professor Emeritus

Dr. H. Yu, Professor  

Dr. Y. Li, Assistant Professor

Dr. S. Reddy, Associate Professor


Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology

Dr. F. Amini, Professor

Dr. Y. Li, Associate Professor

Dr. P. C. Yuan, Professor


Environmental Science Ph.D. Program


1400 John R. Lynch Street
Jackson, MS 39217-0280

Phone: 601.979.2241