Department of History and Philosophy

The Department of History and Philosophy welcomes you to its home page. Here we introduce our talented and student-friendly faculty, our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and our organizations, clubs, events, activities, and projects.


Career Opportunities

There are many professional career paths that students majoring or minoring in history can pursue. We provide classes, courses of study, and academic programs that prepare students to live insightfully, advance professionally, and lead confidently in the 21st century. Students who major in history are well-prepared to enter many professional careers. For example, students planning a career in law often select history as a major.  An interesting chart displaying the many career paths taken by historians is here.

Students in other disciplines, such as mass communication, political science, and business,  study history and increase their marketability in America’s evolving workplaces. Employment possibilities for history graduates include positions with government agencies and departments at the federal, state, and local levels. Within the federal government, historians in the Departments of Education, State, and Defense, serve as analysts and researchers. Diplomats and members of their entourages often have backgrounds in history. Federal and state legislatures also hire historians as staff members to work and investigative committees.

Teaching at the primary, secondary, or collegiate level is another option for the history graduate. There are also private sector jobs available to history majors. These opportunities are found at museums, archives, historical societies, and assorted research facilities.

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Learn More

We encourage your inquiries about the department via e-mails, letters, or phone calls.  Sadly, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are unable to welcome visitors to our third floor suite in the Dollye M. E. Robinson Building at JSU. Please give us the opportunity to make our case to you for becoming a history major at the graduate or undergraduate level. We look forward to hearing from you.