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All JSU™ Dining facilities underwent service changes of “to-go” and pre-packaged options. Buffets and self-service options are suspended in all dining facilities indefinitely. All transactions are cashless. Mobile ordering options such as Grub Hub and Bite+ are offered for easy and convenient ordering. Students will receive a notification when their order is ready for pick up to eliminate waiting in lines.

Sanitization of dining facilities occurs frequently. The dining hall and campus eateries’ density also follows CDC physical-distancing guidelines and state public health guidance.

Resident Dining Menu

The menu portfolio has been engineered for modularity so that it can be tailored to optimize the guest experience, regardless of the service model changes that the “new normal” may bring to campus life.

The menu is designed to expand or contract, based on current conditions and client expectations, as they evolve in real-time.

Each menu module contains vegan, vegetarian, and allergen-free options. Each added module layers more variety and guest choice on the modules already in place. Packaging and labeling for all grab-and-go options have been selected to optimize the guest experience, whether the mode of service is takeaway or delivery.


Dining Room seating is closed
Menu is pre-packaged to-go meals served by staff

Dining Room is staged for social distancing
Pre-packaged menu items can be self-served

Dining Options:

To-Go Only  

  • High tech: Students will use Bite+ to determine menu selection and pick up/delivery time and location.
  • Low tech: Students will use Microsoft Forms or other methods to determine menu selection, select pick up/delivery time and location.
  • Menu is supported by In My Kitchen and Simply To Go modules.


Meal Options:

In My Kitchen                                                            

Full meals ready to grab-and-go, and packaged for reheating at the guest’s convenience.

Simply to Go

Pre-packaged sandwiches, wraps, salads, snacks, and sides ready to grab-and-go and enjoy immediately or save for later. Breakfast grab-and-go favorites, such as yogurt, fruit, handheld breakfast sandwiches, and overnight oats.

Social Distancing (Open Dining Locations with Capacity Limits) 25% Occupancy

  • Students will see clear signage delineating traffic patterns and queuing space to ensure social distancing.
  • Students will find attended stations that include posted menus.
  • Students may utilize Bite+ or signage to make menu selections, learn about promotions, and determine the safest traffic route to stations.

Guest Experience & Expectations:

  • Meal packaging appropriate to the specified menu item, wrapped utensils, napkin, and portioned condiments if there is no seating.
  • No personal refillable containers to be utilized in the dining room to ensure our staff and guests’ safety.
  • Menu toppings and condiments to be portioned by the attendant.
  • Reusable dishware and utensils, if available, to be stored behind the service area and distributed by the attendant in a sanitary fashion.
  • Adjustments in seating availability, due to local government regulations, and set capacity of the space.
  • Visible constant sanitation and cleaning by uniformed staff.
  • Tables that are cleaned and disinfected after each use and free of any items like salt/pepper shakers or napkin dispensers.
  • Traffic patterns that lead from the seating area to the exit with designated instructions along the way for returning dishes or disposing of packaging or waste into marked receptacles.

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