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Department of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


The Department of Mathematics &Statistical Sciences offers programs leading to bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, statistics, secondary mathematics teaching. We also offer graduate programs leading to master’s degrees in mathematics, the teaching of mathematics and a doctorate with concentration in computational mathematics and statistical sciences and award scholarships and provide financial support to our top students.



Name Phone Office Email Address
Daning Chen, Ph.D., Associate Professor 601-979-3757 JSH 240
Bassiru Diatta, Ph.D., Associate Professor 601-979-3760 JSH 244
Roosevelt Gentry, Ph.D., Professor 601-979-3764 JSH 246
Alicia K. Jefferson, MS, Instructor/ Undergraduate Program Coordinator 601-979-3761 JSH 230
Tor A. Kwembe, Ph.D. Chair & Professor 601-979-3766 JSH 225A
Celestin Wafo Soh, Ph.D.,  Professor 601-979-2164 JSH 236
Jana R. Talley, Ph.D., Associate Professor 601-979-1740 JSH 247
NingNing Wang, Ph.D., Associate Professor 601-979-3751 JSH 232
Carmen M. Wright, Ph.D.,Associate Professor 601-979-3753 JSH 238
Yonghua Yan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 601-979-3762 JSH 222
Zhenbu Zhang, Ph.D., Professor 601-979-3752 JSH 234

Adjunct Faculty

Herious Cotton JSH 224
Ethel Gibson JSH 228
Yvonne Etheredge JSH 228
Teresa Houston-Mackey Online Off Campus
Bessie Tucker-McGinnis JSH 224
Brenda Middleton JSH 228
David Rop JSH 203
Olicia King JSH 228
Brionna Knighten JSH 228
Courtney Jones JSH 228
Gwenda Purnel JSH 228
Renata Davis JSH 228


The programs we offer in the Department of Mathematics and statistical Sciences are comprehensive and will lead you to great career opportunities. If you join us you will grow to be a sophisticated mathematician or statistician. We acquaint you with the diverse areas of mathematics and statistics. You will discover the joy of learning mathematics or statistics. You will become a scholar. You will learn the beauty of both mathematics and statistics as an art. As you go through this site, you will discover our academic programs and our supporting activities.

We are in the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology and our students work with faculty and students from many other departments. We have a highly qualified, caring, and dedicated faculty, who will train you to become the best mathematician or statistician you can be. The doctoral degree program with a concentration in computational mathematics and statistical sciences is through the College of Science, Engineering and Technology’s Ph.D. program in Computational Data-Enabled Sciences and Engineering (CDS&E). As a mathematician or statistician you can have careers in medical and pharmaceutical companies, high tech industries, and Wall Street Market trading and the doctorate prepares you for careers outside as well as within the academic setting. Mathematics and statistics are both challenging and interesting fields that almost all academic and professional fields depend on. To succeed, you will have to work hard and study diligently. We know you can do it and we are ready to help you. We urge you to come to Jackson State University and choose a major in the Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences.</span></p>


Math majors have a plethora of career options after studying:

Actuary, Analytics/Forecasting Hydrologist Actuarial Analyst Mathematics Teacher
Actuary, Model Risk & Governance Legal Specialist  Quantitative Trading Strategy Analyst Sports Statistician
Actuary Biostatistician Mathematical Statistician Data Scientist – Statistician



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For more information, please contact us at (601) 979-2161 or submit your questions and requests to  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.


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Department of Mathematics
Jackson State University
P.O. Box 17610
Jackson, MS 39217


Phone: 601-979-2161
Fax: 601-979-5852