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Department of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


The programs we offer in the Department of Mathematics and statistical Sciences are comprehensive and will lead you to great career opportunities. If you join us you will grow to be a sophisticated mathematician or statistician. We acquaint you with the diverse areas of mathematics and statistics. You will discover the joy of learning mathematics or statistics. You will become a scholar. You will learn the beauty of both mathematics and statistics as an art. As you go through this site, you will discover our academic programs and our supporting activities.We offer programs leading to bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, statistics, secondary mathematics teaching. We also offer graduate programs leading to master’s degrees in mathematics, the teaching of mathematics and a doctorate with concentration in computational mathematics and statistical sciences and award scholarships and provide financial support to our top students. We are in the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology and our students work with faculty and students from many other departments. We have a highly qualified, caring, and dedicated faculty, who will train you to become the best mathematician or statistician you can be. The doctoral degree program with a concentration in computational mathematics and statistical sciences is through the College of Science, Engineering and Technology’s Ph.D. program in Computational Data-Enabled Sciences and Engineering (CDS&E). As a mathematician or statistician you can have careers in medical and pharmaceutical companies, high tech industries, and Wall Street Market trading and the doctorate prepares you for careers outside as well as within the academic setting. Mathematics and statistics are both challenging and interesting fields that almost all academic and professional fields depend on. To succeed, you will have to work hard and study diligently. We know you can do it and we are ready to help you. We urge you to come to Jackson State University and choose a major in the Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences.





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Statistics workshops and seminars are given regularly to serve JSU faculty, staff and students. Workshops can also be given to researchers in other institutions or organizations per request.

Schedule of Upcoming Workshops in JSH 125

  1. An Introductory SAS, Nov 2 Wed @ 9:00-10:00, Dr. Ningning Wang : This workshop will provide overview of the SAS System, as well as an outline of basic structure of SAS programing language. In particular, it covers preliminary concepts regarding DATA and PROC steps, the different kinds of data, and SAS data files. This workshop is intended to provide a foundation for the next step of learning how to create and manipulate data set and how to clean big data in DATA procedures
  2. Introduction to R, Nov 9 Wed @ 1:00-2:00 pm, Dr. Xing Yang: This workshop will cover basic arithmetic operations, variables, sets, plots/graphs, vectors, matrices, data frames, lists, read/write data files, missing data, characters and strings, definitions of functions and basic commands for programming in R.
  3. Descriptive statistics using SAS Nov 16 Wed @ 9:00-10:00, Dr. Ningning Wang: This workshop illustrates how to obtain basic descriptive statistics using SAS. It includes (1) calculate mean, median, min, max, quartile, inter-quartile range, five-number summary for quantitative data,(2) plot box plot, histogram, normal curve for quantitative data; (3) frequency table, bar graph, and pie chart for categorical data. 
  4. Introduction to Statistics and Descriptive Statistics Using R, Nov 30 Wed @ 1:00-2:00 pm, Dr. Xing Yang: This workshop will introduce definitions of basic statistical terms including population, sample, variable, parameter, and statistic. It will also cover descriptive statistics including mean, median, min, max, range, quartile/quantile, inter-quartile range, five-number summary, box plot, histogram, etc. in R.



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Math majors have a plethora of career options after studying:

Actuary, Analytics/Forecasting Hydrologist Actuarial Analyst Mathematics Teacher
Actuary, Model Risk & Governance Legal Specialist  Quantitative Trading Strategy Analyst Sports Statistician
Actuary Biostatistician Mathematical Statistician Data Scientist – Statistician



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For more information, please contact us at (601) 979-2586 or submit your questions and requests to  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



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