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Dr. Aundria D. Range has defended her dissertation successfully

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Ms. Aundria D. Range has defended her dissertation on March 24, 2022 (Dissertation title: An Impact Analysis of the ACA on Chronic Health Conditions Among Young and Middle-Aged African Americans, 2007-2020).
It is well documented that chronic health conditions disproportionately impact African Americans. They can affect the quality of life of individuals by way of mental health conditions, mortality, and financial constraints. In a recent phenomenon, social epidemiologists found the emergence of younger generations of African Americans diagnosed with chronic conditions. This study focuses on Young and Middle-Aged African Americans and the impact the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) had on the group in terms of access, gender, use, and health outcomes. The study employed an interrupted time series research design pre-and post-ACA to determine whether differences might have occurred for the under-studied group. The outcomes of the study revealed differing impacts in terms of coverage, behavior, and use based on gender while confirming other national studies of the ACA.
Professor Johnny Gilleylen served as the chair of the committee and the dissertation adviser. The other committee members were Professors Chester A. Robinson, Mario J. Azevedo, Jae-Young Ko, and Brenda Jenkins.
Congratulations, Dr. Range!!!
The dissertation defense was held in an online format, following the JSU guideline.