Undergraduate Student Registration Process

Registration Process for Undergrad. Students

(click links in blue where appropriate)
1. Admission to the University (If already admitted, go to step #2)
Undergraduate Admissions (Location: 2nd Floor, B.F. Roberts Hall)

Webpage: www.jsums.edu/admissions

Applying to Jackson State University Takes 2 easy steps:

1) Submit an online application at http://www.jsums.edu/ by clicking the “Apply” link on the homepage.

2) Submit your required documents:

Freshmen (http://www.jsums.edu/admissions/freshman/)

Transfer (http://www.jsums.edu/admissions/transfer/)

Readmits (http://www.jsums.edu/admissions/readmits)

International (http://www.jsums.edu/admissions/international)

JSUOnline (http://www.jsums.edu/admissions/jsuonline)

Other Student Types: (http://www.jsums.edu/admissions/other-students)


How to submit Documents  

Official transcripts may be:

  • Sent electronically via Parchment or eScrip-Safe web account or Clearinghouse (email for clearinghouse is transcripts@jsums.edu).  If sending via any other electronic method, please call 601-979-0928 for further instructions.
  • Mailed in school envelope.
  • Hand-delivered in a sealed envelope.
  • Emailed directly from the high school counselor or other school administrator from school email address (send to transcripts@jsums.edu)

Test scores may be:

  • Sent directly to JSU from the testing agency: JSU Code for ACT is 2204; SAT Code is 1341
  • The pdf version of your test scores may be downloaded directly from ACT.org or College Board (SAT) and emailed to transcripts@jsums.edu


2. Advisement and Course Selections (If classes already selected, go to step #3)

  • All current undergraduate students can register for summer or fall 2020 by clicking the link Summer & Fall 2020 Registration Request Form
  • Newly admitted students, First-Time Freshmen and Transfer Students, will be invited to complete Online New Student Orientation. A schedule will be completed during the orientation process.
  • All undergraduate students (excluding students-athletes and JSU Online students) will be advised in the University Academic Advisement Center. (Location: H.T. Sampson Library, 2nd Floor)
  • For more information, contact us at (601) 979-2127 or by emailing studentsuccess@jsums.edu

3. Financial Aid 

a) To view your award and Accept Your Loan Offer, go to www.jsums.edu and click on JSU          PAWS.  Log in using your User ID and PIN, then click on Financial Aid, next click on AWARD and select Award Year 19-20and follow the instructions.

b) If you have not applied for financial aid, you may apply on line at www.FAFSA.ed.gov          (JSU School code: 002410)

c) You may obtain Financial Aid assistance (if needed) from the Financial Aid Office located on the first floor in B.F. Roberts Halls. (601)979-2227


4. Residence Life


5. Food Service/meal plans, if needed (Location: 1st floor, New Student Center

a) If you would like to add or change your dining plan, please call 601-979-0441, 0846 or stop by the Student Services office next to the UPS Store, 1st floor, New Student Center

b) Additional fees may apply. Money can be added to your Super Card or Tiger Bucks account at any time.


6. Completing Registration
a) Accepting your loans (Complete Registration Instructions)
b) Payment Plan (Complete Registration Instructions) Not available for Intersession semesters
c) See a cashier to make a payment (Location: 2nd Floor,B.F. Roberts Hall) (601)979-2097
or make a payment online, if needed.
d) See a Student Accounts Receivable Counselor, if needed. (Location:  2nd Floor, B.F. Roberts Hall) (601)979-2216

e) Intersession students should follow steps c and d above to complete registration


7. Vehicle Decal
a) Pay for Decal in The Business Office (Location:  2nd Floor, B.F. Roberts Hall)
b) Provide current proof of insurance and License Plate Number.  (Location: Public Safety Building)
c) Pick-up decal (Location: Student Center, 3rd Floor ) (601)979-2407


8. I.D. Card 
a) ID Card photo and pick-up (new students) (Location: Student Center, 3rd Floor). (601)979-2407 or 5807.


9. Add Charges
a) Supercard/Book Voucher, Parking Decal etc. (Complete Registration Instructions)
b) Some students may need to see a Cashier.  (601) 979-2097