About the PhD program

The Ph.D. Program in Social Work began in 1997 with a number of other graduate programs at Jackson State University that emanated from the historic Ayers Case. The initial class consisted of a total of 13 students from diverse backgrounds. The program is the only social work doctoral program in the state of Mississippi. It is affiliated with the Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education (GADE), which is an organization whose membership consists of directors of social work/social welfare doctoral programs in accredited universities in the United States and two other countries. The organization provides guidelines for quality doctoral programs in social work. Since its inception, the program has continually developed and focused on accomplishing its mission.

Division of Graduate Studies

Apply “Online”¬†to the Division of Graduate Studies and to the School of Social Work.

For more information, contact the Ph.D. Program Office at (601) 979-8896. Please note that the priority deadline for submission of all application materials to the Ph.D. Program and to the Graduate School at Jackson State University is March 1st of an EVEN YEAR (i.e., FALL 2022). WE DO NOT ADMIT STUDENTS TO THE PROGRAM ANNUALLY.