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Web identity standards define minimum requirements for the look, feel, and functionality of all official Jackson State University® websites. These standards fall under the umbrella of the Jackson State University® overall publications’ standards, which all websites must comply. This web guide is for anyone who creates or maintains official Jackson State University® websites. Please visit for the most recent version of these standards and requirements.


Jackson State University® websites must meet professional standards in content, usability, and accessibility. These standards of uniformity offer a consistent, user-friendly experience to the Jackson State University® community and to those who use JSU’s websites.

A robust and uniform web presence achieves several goals:

  • Provides improved usability, making pages within the “jsums” domain more welcoming and appealing to a wide variety of users
  • Conforms to international standards for accessibility
  • Maximizes efficiency in design, development, maintenance, and collaboration
  • Makes the University more able to quickly adapt to and apply improving technologies
By simplifying the user experience, JSU web standards create a welcoming and attractive environment on the web, while also improving usability and user-friendliness of Jackson State University® websites. With standardization, users are not required to learn new locations of major web elements every time they visit a different site within JSU’s web domain. Standards also streamline web design and development, shifting the focus of JSU faculty and staff members to the most important part of the university’s web presence: the content.

JSU Web Guide

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