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Social Media Profile Graphics

The University’s social media presence should also reflect the brand. As recommended for the website, content should be conversational, friendly and use active voice, when appropriate. Accuracy is especially important in social media as once something is posted, all instances cannot always be removed. Using keyword or key phrases in your content can help people find you through search mechanisms within each tool. Content should be kept short and to the point. If content is longer, you may wish to post it on the JSU website and link to it on social media, driving visitors to the University’s primary site for more information.

Samples of brand marks appropriate for social media usage are shown here. Note that each social media tool has its own requirements regarding size and shape of graphics used, and that these may change over time. Should the standard graphics shown here not work in future iterations of the social media packages utilized, the University Communications department should be notified so that appropriate new graphics may be created.

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