EDFL Faculty and Staff

Department Chair:

Dr. Ingrad D. Smith
Assistant Dean/Associate Professor
E-mail: ingrad.d.smith@jsums.edu
Office:  212C
Office Telephone: 601 979-0490


Dr. Laverne A. Gentry
Assistant Professor
E-mail:  laverne.a.gentry@jsums.edu
Office:  215
Office Telephone: 601 979-3406

Dr. Lennie M. Little
Assistant Professor/Director of Center for Teacher Quality
E-mail:  lennie.m.little@jsums.edu
Office: 103
Office Telephone 601 979-4111

Dr. Jeton McClinton
Assistant Professor
E-mail:  jeton.mcclinton@jsums.edu
Office:    215
Office Telephone 601 979-4192

Dr Sidney E McLaurin
Associate Professor
E-mail: sidney.e.mclaurin@jsums.edu
Office:  217K
Office Telephone: 601 979-3315

Dr. Benjamin Ngwudike
Associate Professor
Office Telephone: 601 979-3405
E-mail:  bengamin.ngwudike@jsums.edu

Dr. Ronald E Walker
Associate Professor
E-mail:  ron.e.walker@jsums.edu
Office:  217D
Office Telephone: 601 979-2111

Dr. Daniel Watkins
Associate Professor / Dean
Email:   daniel.watkins@jsums.edu
Office:   218A
Office Telephone: 601.979-2433


Mrs. Terri Lynn Bell
Administrative Assistant
E-mail:  terri.l.ballansaw@jsums.edu
Office:  212
Office Telephone: 601-979-7043