iPad2 Syllabus


iPad 101: Introduction to the Apple iPad1 and iPad2
Course Description
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This training explores the basics of using the Apple iPad. Participants will learn about the unique functions and features of the iPad. Additionally, participants will examine a variety of applications, learn how to download applications, and explore methods for using the iPad in education.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the device buttons, switches, and status icons.
  • Learn typing using onscreen keyboard and use the editing features – cut, copy, paste.
  • Demonstrate the multi-touch function using scrolling finger dynamics.
  • Learn how to clean the iPad.
  • Browse the web using Safari.
  • Overview of the iPad’s built in apps.
  • Download and install a third party application from the iTunes App Store.
  • Use the iBooks app to download and read books.


  • Overview of the iPad
  • Setting up the iPad
  • Controlling the iPad
  • Brief overview of iTunes
  • Going online
  • Using applications

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